Summary: Chess is a good model to study high-level human brain functions (e.g., spatial cognition, memory, planning, leaning and problem solving). Recent studies have demonstrated that non-invasive MRI techniques are valuable for researchers to investigate the underlying neural mechanism of chess. For professional chess players (e.g., chess grand masters and masters or GM/Ms), what are the structural and functional alterations due to longtime professional practice, and how these alterations relate to their behavior are largely veiled. Here, we report a multimodal MRI dataset of 29 professional Chinese chess players, most of which are GM/Ms, and 29 age and sexually well-matched novices. We hope that the public availability of this dataset would provide researchers new materials to further explore high-level functions of human brains.

This dataset includes:

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This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation (Grant Nos. 81030027, 81401477, 81227002 and 81220108013), National Key Technologies R&D Program (Program No. 2012BAI01B03) and Program for Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team in University (PCSIRT, Grant No.IRT1272) of China.


Data Release Table

rawData.chess.LiteNIFTI rawData.control.LiteNIFTI qaReports
QA Extras rfMRI Chess 0028197-0028204 QA Extras rfMRI Chess 0028205-0028212 QA Extras rfMRI Chess 0028213-0028220 QA Extras rfMRI Chess 0028221-0028225
QA Extras rfMRI Control 0028297-0028304 QA Extras rfMRI Control 0028305-0028312 QA Extras rfMRI Control 0028313-0028320 QA Extras rfMRI Control 0028321-0028325
QA Extras MPRAGE Chess 0028197-0028206 QA Extras MPRAGE Chess 0028207-0028216 QA Extras MPRAGE Chess 0028217-0028225
QA Extras MPRAGE Control 0028297-0028306 QA Extras MPRAGE Control 0028307-0028316 QA Extras MPRAGE Control 0028317-0028325
QA Extras DTI Chess 0028197-0028206 QA Extras DTI Chess 0028207-0028216 QA Extras DTI Chess 0028217-0028225
QA Extras DTI Control 0028297-0028306 QA Extras DTI Control 0028307-0028316 QA Extras DTI Control 0028317-0028325